Renaissance Convention Center


The Renaissance Convention Center is a charming place for social functions such as weddings, debuts, kiddie parties, baptismal, birthday feasts, receptions, and other events that need a venue in or near Quezon City, Marikina, Cainta, Pasig and/or Mandaluyong. It is also perfect for corporate events such as seminars, workshops, and team-building activities. Available are several venues that can accommodate varied number of guests and can be dressed or set-up according to the desired theme and function.


The Ballroom can accommodate 100 to 300 people.  Retaining its old-world charm, it can be transformed from simple to whimsical. Decorating it becomes a joy because of its flexibility.  The mezzanine can add drama to the set-up while a ready platform sets the stage for the program. Air-conditioning guarantees comfort for all the guests. 

The Convention Hall can accommodate 100 to 180 people, seated.  It is most ideal for conventions and seminars due to its dimensions.  Parties are still a staple for this venue.  Just like the air-conditioned Ballroom, the set-up allows clients to dress it up according to their taste and budget.

Located at the 3rd level of the Ecom annex, The Deck is perfect for an afternoon or night-time party of 100 to 200 people.  Its open-air set-up gives a breezy atmosphere with a view of the Marikina skyline. Luaus and similar parties become more enjoyable amidst the blue skies or the stars. 

The Studio is a unique and versatile events venue. It has a high ceiling and opens up to a veranda with a wide open view of the Marikina River. It can also be the perfect venue for trade fairs, car shows and similar events that require a big flexible space.

Rustic and full of character, the Boiler provides the perfect setting for themed parties with its big floor area and multilevel ramps that can also serve as dining areas.  A built-in stage completes the picture.  The place can accommodate as many as 250 people.

The Big Conference Room is most ideal for meetings or small parties of 50 to 80 people.  Simple and very private, it is a perfectly convenient and affordable venue for the budget-conscious.   

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