The Company

Riverbanks Development Corporation
With the objective of urban renewal through an eco-friendly development, Riverbanks Development Corporation (RDC) was established in 1995. In acquiring 23 hectares of property on both sides of the Marikina River RDC envisioned an integrated development of a family destination in a center for business and recreation as well.

Riverbanks Center handpicked an experienced management team to administer the operational and promotional program of the whole center. It encourages teamwork which results in performance at par with the industry. This is manifested in its customer services and response to clients' needs.
  • We commit our resources to the development of areas that offer commercial and recreational facilities in an ecological, fun and wholesome family atmosphere.
  • We pursue excellent customer service by being professional and responsive to our clients' needs.
  • We nurture a work environment that encourages teamwork,
    develops individual worth and rewards outstanding performance.
  • We act with integrity in all our business personal activities.
RDC's vision is to see areas develop into leading business family and tourist destinations while promoting appreciation of our environment.

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